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Matt's artwork for Power Master: A Strange Journey MV
Character Information
Relatives None
Affiliation Good
Appearances PMMV
Biographical Information
Date of birth
Place of birth
Date of death
Place of death
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Red
Age None

Matt is a major character in the Power Master series, first appearing in the Power Master 1R Story and will be a playable character in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV. He is described as a "hot-headed, muscle-bound, philanderer"[1] and is very flirtatious towards women, though often fails to get a positive response. Matt also has motion sickness[2].

Power Master 1R Story[edit]

Matt first appears in Chapter 10: The Failing Flirter of the Power Master 1R Story. He is found trying to break open the entrance to Mora Cave, and immediately begins to hit on the woman of Stephan's group, to be rejected by all of them. After being intimidated by Lacey, he joins the group and remains a part of it through the rest of the story.

In Chapter 12: Ocean Heart, Matt is revealed to have motion sickness and cannot stand properly on Skipper's Ship. This returns when riding the tornado into the sky in Chapter 16: Six-Fingered Man in the Sky and when riding the boat again in End Chapter: Saving the Future from the Past. In Chapter 15: Woman of the River, the group meets Marina and Matt immediately falls for her, the ending of the story saying the two of them hit it off.

Power Master: A Strange Journey MV[edit]

In the 0.1.0 demo of Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, he is seen talking to the Pam in the Town of Fora. Matt does not currently appear in any of the later demos.