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List of items in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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This is a list of items that appear in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, ordered by their internal ID number. This list does not include the Cards or Books, as they have their own lists.

Regular items

PMMV Health Vial.png
Health Vial
PMMV Mega Health Vial.png
Mega Health Vial
PMMV Heal-All Health Vial.png
Heal-All Health Vial
File:PMMV Heal-All Mega Health Vial.png
Heal-All Mega Health Vial
File:PMMV Energy Vial.png
Energy Vial
File:PMMV Mega Energy Vial.png
Mega Energy Vial
File:PMMV Heal-All Energy Vial.png
Heal-All Energy Vial
File:PMMV Heal-All Mega Energy Vial.png
Heal-All Mega Energy Vial
File:PMMV Special Vial.png
Special Vial
File:PMMV Mega Special Vial.png
Mega Special Vial
PMMV Life Vial.png
Life Vial
PMMV Mega Life Vial.png
Mega Life Vial
File:PMMV Heal-All Life Vial.png
Heal-All Life Vial
File:PMMV Heal-All Mega Life Vial.png
Heal-All Mega Life Vial
PMMV Medicine Vial.png
Medicine Vial
File:PMMV Heal-All Medicine Vial.png
Heal-All Medicine Vial
PMMV Apple.png
File:PMMV Bread.png
File:PMMV Berries.png
File:PMMV Mushroom.png
File:PMMV Fish.png
File:PMMV Soup.png
File:PMMV Sweet Bread.png
Sweet Bread
PMMV Mother's Love.png
Mother's Love
File:PMMV Pie.png
Apple Pie
File:PMMV Pie.png
Berry Pie
PMMV Rock.png
PMMV Bomb.png
File:PMMV Health Up.png
Health Up
File:PMMV Energy Up.png
Energy Up
PMMV Offense Up.png
Offense Up
PMMV Defense Up.png
Defense Up
PMMV Power Up.png
Power Up
PMMV Resistance Up.png
Resistance Up
PMMV Agility Up.png
Agility Up
PMMV Luck Up.png
Luck Up

Key items

PMMV Gems.png
PMMV Jewels.png
File:PMMV Redwood Log.png
Redwood Log
File:PMMV Door Key.png
Door Key
File:PMMV Chest Key.png
Chest Key
File:PMMV Master Key.png
Master Key
PMMV Aqua Patch.png
Aqua Patch
PMMV Heat Patch.png
Heat Patch
PMMV Frost Patch.png
Frost Patch
File:PMMV Oxygen Patch.png
Oxygen Patch
File:PMMV Map.png
Map of Moneo
File:PMMV Map.png
Map of the Well
File:PMMV Letter.png
File:PMMV Wedding Ring.png
Wedding Ring
File:PMMV Pam Doll.png
Pam Doll
File:PMMV Violet Doll.png
Violet Doll
File:PMMV Sail.png