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List of armors in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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This is a list of shields, armors, and accessories that appear in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, ordered by their internal ID number.

Shields Armors Bows
PMMV Shield.png
PMMV Casual Clothes.png
Casual Clothes
File:PMMV Life Amulet.png
Life Amulet
PMMV Shield.png
Iron Shield
File:PMMV Tunic.png
File:PMMV Mana Amulet.png
Mana Amulet
File:PMMV Copper Shield.png
Copper Shield
File:PMMV Iron Armor.png
Iron Armor
File:PMMV Brawn Amulet.png
Brawn Amulet
PMMV Steel Shield.png
Steel Shield
File:PMMV Copper Armor.png
Copper Armor
File:PMMV Guard Amulet.png
Guard Amulet
PMMV Silver Shield.png
Silver Shield
PMMV Steel Armor.png
Steel Armor
File:PMMV Powerful Amulet.png
Powerful Amulet
PMMV Gold Shield.png
Gold Shield
PMMV Silver Armor.png
Silver Armor
File:PMMV Masterful Amulet.png
Masterful Amulet
File:PMMV Platinum Shield.png
Platinum Shield
PMMV Gold Armor.png
Gold Armor
File:PMMV Fast Amulet.png
Fast Amulet
PMMV Pyro Shield.png
Pyro Shield
File:PMMV Platinum Armor.png
Platinum Armor
File:PMMV Clover Amulet.png
Clover Amulet
PMMV Aqua Shield.png
Aqua Shield
File:PMMV Pajamas.png
File:PMMV Hawkeye Amulet.png
Hawkeye Amulet
PMMV Frost Shield.png
Frost Shield
File:PMMV Bathrobe.png
File:PMMV Evasive Amulet.png
Evasive Amulet
PMMV Sol Shield.png
Sol Shield
File:PMMV Magic Robes.png
Magic Robes
File:PMMV Action Amulet.png
Action Amulet
PMMV Plasma Shield.png
Plasma Shield
File:PMMV Sports Jersey.png
Sports Jersey
File:PMMV Alert Amulet.png
Alert Amulet
PMMV Oxygen Shield.png
Oxygen Shield
File:PMMV Demon Wear.png
Demon Wear
File:PMMV Stealth Amulet.png
Stealth Amulet
PMMV Terra Shield.png
Terra Shield
File:PMMV Angelic Robes.png
Angelic Robes
PMMV Gold Amulet.png
Gold Amulet
PMMV Cement Shield.png
Cement Shield
File:PMMV Formal Wear.png
Formal Wear
PMMV Silver Amulet.png
Silver Amulet
PMMV Lunar Shield.png
Lunar Shield
File:PMMV Magic Armor.png
Magic Armor
File:PMMV Dakota's Locket.png
Dakota's Locket
PMMV Healing Shield.png
Healing Shield
File:PMMV Sword Armor.png
Sword Armor
File:PMMV Stephan's Shield.png
Stephan's Shield
File:PMMV Axe Armor.png
Axe Armor
File:PMMV Helen's Shield.png
Helen's Shield
File:PMMV Bow Armor.png
Bow Armor
File:PMMV Ma'dine's Shield.png
Ma'dine's Shield
File:PMMV Lance Armor.png
Lance Armor
PMMV Valiant Violet.png
Valiant Violet
File:PMMV Whip Armor.png
Whip Armor
File:PMMV Svalinn.png
File:PMMV Oxygen Armor.png
Oxygen Armor
File:PMMV Ultimate Shield.png
Ultimate Shield
File:PMMV Lunar Armor.png
Lunar Armor
File:PMMV Terra Armor.png
Terra Armor
File:PMMV Pyro Armor.png
Pyro Armor
File:PMMV Frost Armor.png
Frost Armor
File:PMMV Sol Armor.png
Sol Armor
File:PMMV Plasma Armor.png
Plasma Armor
File:PMMV Cement Armor.png
Cement Armor
File:PMMV Aqua Armor.png
Aqua Armor
File:PMMV Stephan's Armor.png
Stephan's Armor
File:PMMV Jennifer's Gear.png
Jennifer's Gear
File:PMMV Hamilton's Armor.png
Hamilton's Armor
File:PMMV Helen's Clothes.png
Helen's Clothes
File:PMMV Friend's Vest.png
Friend's Vest
File:PMMV Lester's Garb.png
Lester's Garb
File:PMMV Stan's Attire.png
Stan's Attire
File:PMMV Chris's Robes.png
Chris's Robes
File:PMMV Sobie's Outfit.png
Sobie's Outfit
File:PMMV Kyra's Robe.png
Kyra's Robe
File:PMMV Marina's Dress.png
Marina's Dress
File:PMMV Matt's Clothes.png
Matt's Clothes
File:PMMV Octavis's Armor.png
Octavis's Armor
File:PMMV Daniel's Jacket.png
Daniel's Jacket
File:PMMV Ma'dine's Armor.png
Ma'dine's Armor
File:PMMV Alice's Robe.png
Alice's Robe
File:PMMV Erica's Coat.png
Erica's Coat
File:PMMV Dakota's Clothes.png
Dakota's Clothes
File:PMMV Guardian Robe.png
Guardian Robe
File:PMMV Pam's Clothes.png
Pam's Clothes
File:PMMV Violet's Dress.png
Violet's Dress
PMMV Casual Clothes.png
Generic Clothing
File:PMMV Jessica's Clothes.png
Jessica's Clothes
File:PMMV Jill's Clothes.png
Jill's Clothes
File:PMMV Butch's Clothes.png
Butch's Clothes
File:PMMV Holly's Robe.png
Holly's Robe
File:PMMV Marciella's Clothes.png
Marciella's Clothes
File:PMMV Katie's Clothes.png
Katie's Clothes
File:PMMV Monster Skin.png
Monster Skin
File:PMMV Mercenary Armor.png
Mercenary Armor
File:PMMV Worker Outfit.png
Worker Outfit
File:PMMV Doppel Gear.png
Doppel Gear
File:PMMV Iron Armor.png
Original Attire
PMMV Gold Armor.png
Special Armor