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List of weapons in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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This is a list of weapons that appear in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, ordered by their internal ID number.

Swords Axes Bows Whips Lances Wands
PMMV Sword.png
PMMV Axe.png
PMMV Bow.png
PMMV Whip.png
File:PMMV Lance.png
File:PMMV Fire Wand.png
Fire Wand
PMMV Sword.png
Iron Sword
PMMV Axe.png
Iron Axe
PMMV Bow.png
Iron Bow
PMMV Whip.png
Leather Whip
File:PMMV Lance.png
Iron Lance
File:PMMV Ice Wand.png
Ice Wand
File:PMMV Copper Sword.png
Copper Sword
File:PMMV Copper Axe.png
Copper Axe
File:PMMV Copper Bow.png
Copper Bow
File:PMMV Horse Whip.png
Horse Whip
File:PMMV Copper Lance.png
Copper Lance
File:PMMV Water Wand.png
Water Wand
PMMV Steel Sword.png
Steel Sword
PMMV Steel Axe.png
Steel Axe
PMMV Steel Bow.png
Steel Bow
File:PMMV Bull Whip.png
Bull Whip
File:PMMV Steel Lance.png
Steel Lance
File:PMMV Light Wand.png
Light Wand
PMMV Silver Sword.png
Silver Sword
PMMV Silver Axe.png
Silver Axe
PMMV Silver Bow.png
Silver Bow
File:PMMV Chain Whip.png
Chain Whip
File:PMMV Silver Lance.png
Silver Lance
File:PMMV Lightning Wand.png
Lightning Wand
PMMV Gold Sword.png
Gold Sword
PMMV Gold Axe.png
Gold Axe
PMMV Gold Bow.png
Gold Bow
File:PMMV Thorn Whip.png
Thorn Whip
File:PMMV Gold Lance.png
Gold Lance
File:PMMV Air Wand.png
Air Wand
File:PMMV Platinum Sword.png
Platinum Sword
File:PMMV Platinum Axe.png
Platinum Axe
File:PMMV Platinum Bow.png
Platinum Bow
File:PMMV Platinum Whip.png
Platinum Whip
File:PMMV Platinum Lance.png
Platinum Lance
File:PMMV Earth Wand.png
Earth Wand
File:PMMV Flyswatter.png
File:PMMV Toy Axe.png
Toy Axe
File:PMMV Makeshift Bow.png
Makeshift Bow
File:PMMV Rope.png
File:PMMV Mop.png
File:PMMV Stone Wand.png
Stone Wand
PMMV Battle Sword.png
Battle Sword
PMMV Battle Axe.png
Battle Axe
PMMV Battle Bow.png
Battle Bow
File:PMMV Battle Whip.png
Battle Whip
File:PMMV Battle Lance.png
Battle Lance
File:PMMV Dark Wand.png
Dark Wand
File:PMMV Magic Sword.png
Magic Sword
File:PMMV Magic Axe.png
Magic Axe
File:PMMV Magic Bow.png
Magic Bow
File:PMMV Magic Whip.png
Magic Whip
File:PMMV Magic Lance.png
Magic Lance
File:PMMV Burn Wand.png
Burn Wand
PMMV Breaker Sword.png
Breaker Sword
File:PMMV Quick Axe.png
Quick Axe
File:PMMV Shatter Bow.png
Shatter Bow
File:PMMV Lasso.png
File:PMMV Staff.png
File:PMMV Freeze Wand.png
Freeze Wand
PMMV Critical Sword.png
Critical Sword
PMMV Critical Axe.png
Critical Axe
PMMV Critical Bow.png
Critical Bow
File:PMMV Critical Whip.png
Critical Whip
File:PMMV Critical Lance.png
Critical Lance
File:PMMV Slow Wand.png
Slow Wand
PMMV Pyro Sword.png
Pyro Sword
PMMV Pyro Axe.png
Pyro Axe
PMMV Pyro Bow.png
Pyro Bow
PMMV Pyro Whip.png
Pyro Whip
File:PMMV Pyro Lance.png
Pyro Lance
File:PMMV Blind Wand.png
Blind Wand
PMMV Aqua Sword.png
Aqua Sword
PMMV Aqua Axe.png
Aqua Axe
PMMV Aqua Bow.png
Aqua Bow
PMMV Aqua Whip.png
Aqua Whip
File:PMMV Aqua Lance.png
Aqua Lance
File:PMMV Paralyze Wand.png
Paralyze Wand
PMMV Frost Sword.png
Frost Sword
PMMV Frost Axe.png
Frost Axe
PMMV Frost Bow.png
Frost Bow
PMMV Frost Whip.png
Frost Whip
File:PMMV Frost Lance.png
Frost Lance
File:PMMV Boggle Wand.png
Boggle Wand
PMMV Sol Sword.png
Sol Sword
PMMV Sol Axe.png
Sol Axe
PMMV Sol Bow.png
Sol Bow
PMMV Sol Whip.png
Sol Whip
File:PMMV Sol Lance.png
Sol Lance
File:PMMV Sleep Wand.png
Sleep Wand
PMMV Plasma Sword.png
Plasma Sword
PMMV Plasma Axe.png
Plasma Axe
PMMV Plasma Bow.png
Plasma Bow
PMMV Plasma Whip.png
Plasma Whip
File:PMMV Plasma Lance.png
Plasma Lance
File:PMMV Petrify Wand.png
Petrify Wand
PMMV Oxygen Sword.png
Oxygen Sword
PMMV Oxygen Axe.png
Oxygen Axe
PMMV Oxygen Bow.png
Oxygen Bow
PMMV Oxygen Whip.png
Oxygen Whip
File:PMMV Oxygen Lance.png
Oxygen Lance
File:PMMV Poison Wand.png
Poison Wand
PMMV Terra Sword.png
Terra Sword
PMMV Terra Axe.png
Terra Axe
PMMV Terra Bow.png
Terra Bow
PMMV Terra Whip.png
Terra Whip
File:PMMV Terra Lance.png
Terra Lance
File:PMMV Lester's Dual Wand.png
Lester's Dual Wand
PMMV Cement Sword.png
Cement Sword
PMMV Cement Axe.png
Cement Axe
PMMV Cement Bow.png
Cement Bow
PMMV Cement Whip.png
Cement Whip
File:PMMV Cement Lance.png
Cement Lance
File:PMMV Marina's Wave Wand.png
Marina's Wave Wand
PMMV Lunar Sword.png
Lunar Sword
PMMV Lunar Axe.png
Lunar Axe
PMMV Lunar Bow.png
Lunar Bow
PMMV Lunar Whip.png
Lunar Whip
File:PMMV Lunar Lance.png
Lunar Lance
File:PMMV Stan's Flames Wand.png
Stan's Flames Wand
PMMV Healing Sword.png
Healing Sword
PMMV Healing Axe.png
Healing Axe
PMMV Healing Bow.png
Healing Bow
File:PMMV Healing Whip.png
Healing Whip
File:PMMV Healing Lance.png
Healing Lance
File:PMMV Chris's Possession Gems.png
Chris's Possession Gems
File:PMMV Stephan's Blade.png
Stephan's Blade
File:PMMV Hamilton's Axe.png
Hamilton's Axe
File:PMMV Jennifer's Bow.png
Jennifer's Bow
File:PMMV Helen's Whip.png
Helen's Whip
File:PMMV Sobie's Staff.png
Sobie's Staff
File:PMMV Dakota's Sap Wand.png
Dakota's Sap Wand
File:PMMV Kyra's Katana.png
Kyra's Katana
File:PMMV Stan's Poleaxe.png
Stan's Poleaxe
File:PMMV Octavis's Boomerang.png
Octavis's Boomerang
PMMV Regaleash.png
File:PMMV Ma'dine's Lance.png
Ma'dine's Lance
File:PMMV Dakota's Accelerate Wand.png
Dakota's Accelerate Wand
File:PMMV Blide's Knife.png
Blide's Knife
File:PMMV Erica's Club.png
Erica's Club
File:PMMV Daniel's Blaster.png
Daniel's Blaster
File:PMMV Gae Buide.png
Gäe Buide
File:PMMV Alice's Heal Wand.png
Alice's Heal Wand
PMMV Pam Prickler.png
Pam Prickler
PMMV Parashu.png
PMMV Gandiva.png
File:PMMV Red's Inferno Wand.png
Red's Inferno Wand
PMMV Fragarach.png
File:PMMV Blue's Hail Wand.png
Blue's Hail Wand
PMMV Fragarach.png
Ultimate Sword
File:PMMV White's Tornado Wand.png
White's Tornado Wand
File:PMMV Exitilus's Nightmare Wand.png
Exitilus's Nightmare Wand
File:PMMV Raise Wand.png
Raise Wand
File:PMMV Rune Wand.png
Rune Wand