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This article is about the town of Tora. For the Guardian of Tora, see here.
Tora in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
Area Information
Residents Tora, Pam, Violet
Enemies None
Inn Rate 20 Sers
Greater Location Land of Moneo
Connections Land of Moneo (north), Tora Tree (south), Dora (Well)

Tora (also called the Home of the Tallest Tree) is a town within the Land of Moneo, located south of Fora. It is first seen in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

The Guardian of Tora's house is in the northeast of town, with the Shop in the southeast and the Inn in the northwest.

Shop's Wares

Item Sers
Health Vial 20
Mega Health Vial 150
Medicine Vial 30
Bomb 10
Iron Sword 10
Iron Axe 20
Iron Bow 5
Iron Shield 5
Whip 40
Book of Wind 30
Casual Clothes 30


If the player is under the effects of Doppel's Dimension, the characters in Tora transform into the following:

  • Girl in town - Red fireball
  • Boy in town - Blue fireball
  • The well - A girl
  • Violet - A drawer that contains an infinite number of Sers in increments of 20
  • Girl in the Inn - Pizza
  • Pam - A bookcase
  • Man in the Shop - Potted plant
  • Woman in the other house - An old woman


Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

Tora in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

Tora returns in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, being available from the 0.2.0 demo and onward. Tora Tree is also part of the same map, though its external appearance has been cut near the base to allow the player to still see where they are going and to not extend the map. Ma'dine also appears when the player walks down the center path and is able to be recruited. The house in the southwest is now where the sorceress Clair lives, instead of living just outside Moneo in the original game.

If the player tries to have the Digger of Uora join their team in this town, they will decline as they don't want to climb Tora Tree due to their fear of heights. The player can also get kicked out of the Inn and be locked out from it if they keep talking to the woman in the northeast room.

Shop's wares

Item Sers
Health Vial 10
Mega Health Vial 100
Medicine Vial 20
Energy Vial 10
Mega Energy Vial 100
Bomb 20
Iron Sword 114
Iron Axe 120
Iron Bow 111
Leather Whip 112
Iron Lance 116
Iron Shield 110
Book of Air 8
Casual Clothes 5


Pam gives the player a quest, called Pam's Intern. She is told that she needs to hire someone else to take a day off, or else she will get fired. Accepting her quest will have the player man the Shop, taking requests from costumers in her place.

Clair's quest also returns, but as of demo 0.2.0, it is not yet implemented.


  • Masterful Amulet - Closet in the Inn's northeast room.
  • Pam's Clothes - Reward for completing Pam's quest by selling merchandise worth 1 though 35 Sers in total.
  • Silver Amulet - Reward for completing Pam's quest by selling merchandise worth 36 Sers or more in total.
  • Mega Special Vial - In the closet of the kid's room in Clair's house.