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Media statistics

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Statistics about uploaded file types. This only includes the most recent version of a file. Old or deleted versions of files are excluded.

Bitmap images

MIME typePossible extensionsNumber of filesCombined size
image/png.png, .apng995 (85.3%)124,840,390 bytes (119.06 MB; 87.5%)
image/jpeg.jpeg, .jpg, .jpe168 (14.4%)17,845,112 bytes (17.02 MB; 12.5%)
image/gif.gif2 (0.172%)48,212 bytes (47 KB; 0.0338%)
image/x-icon.ico1 (0.0858%)1,718 bytes (2 KB; 0.0012%)

Total file size for this section of 1,166 files (100%): 142,735,432 bytes (136.12 MB; 100%).

All files

Total file size for all 1,166 files: 142,735,432 bytes (136.12 MB).