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A page must be categorized correctly, as the category determines what group the page is a part of, such as enemies or towns, and allows for readers to find what other subjects fall into the same group. When adding categories, the overall category for that group should not be used if there is a better category. The game-based categories should be the ones that are used. Always use a more definitive category if it's available. For example, Vora Volcano falls under Category:Power Master 1 Areas, Category:Power Master 1 Dungeons, and Category:Fiery Regions, but not Category:Areas or Category:Dungeons as that information would be repetitive. If a new category is to be created, the category should be relevant to the subject type, not something like "Category:Characters with brown hair".

Below is a list of frequently used categories. A full list of categories can be found at Special:Categories. The single-indented ones in this list is the overall category.