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Administrators, also called Sysops, are trusted members of the Power Master Wiki. They are given additional tools and responsibilities, but they aren't exempt from the rules and should still follow them. Administrator's edits should not carry more weight than any other editor's unless it is a correction based on policy, which should be noted in the edit summary. Administrators are expected to be available to the community through email (the email this user link from their userpage), and to be helpful to other members of the community while trying to accomplish community set goals on the wiki. Administrators are expected to act as mediators in cases of user disputes, and are expected to act in a professional manner within the editing community.

Administrator responsibilities include:

  • Blocking/unblocking users
  • Deleting/undeleting pages and files
  • Protecting/unprotecting pages and files
  • Hiding/unhiding page revisions
  • Rollbacking unsavory edits

Administrators are also given the Interface Administrator role, which allows them to edit MediaWiki pages.

The CheckUser role allows trusted members to check user IPs. This role is usually given with the administrator role, but can also be given separately to test an up-and-coming member.

Bureaucrats are further trusted users, gaining the rights to rename users, adjust member ranks, and handle abusive administrators.

The Founder is the creator of this wiki, who has access to the site backend and oversees everything.

List of current admins

Users in Silver are Administrators, users in Gold are Bureaucrats, and the Founder is in Green. "Abuse Filter" and "Tech Support" are helpful accounts.