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Staff members are trusted users of the Power Master Wiki. They are given additional tools and responsibilities, but they are not exempt from the rules and should still follow them. A staff member's edits should not carry more weight than any other editor's unless it is a correction based on policy, which should be noted in the edit summary. They are also expected to be available to the community through email (the "email this user" link from their userpage), and to be helpful to other members of the community while trying to accomplish community set goals on the wiki. Staff are expected to act as mediators in cases of user disputes, and to act in a professional manner within the editing community.

These are the following staff rankings in ascending order:

  • CheckUser - This role allows a user to check IPs of another user, which should be done when a new user signs up or to check if someone is editing anonymously when blocked, among other reasons. This role should be given to every admin, but is also used to test an up-and-coming staff member.
  • Wiki Support - Members who do not have admin rights on the content-side of the wiki, but are capable of accessing the internal files should something need fixed.
  • Game Staff - Members who do not have admin rights on the wiki, but are members who work on the games and have an account on the wiki.
  • Administrator - These users have been deemed trustworthy to hold the rights to blocking/unblock users, deleting/undeleting pages and files, protecting/unprotecting pages and files, hiding/unhiding page and file revisions, and rollbacking user edits. Administrators are also given the Interface Administrator role to be able to edit MediaWiki pages, unless decided otherwise.
  • Bureaucrat - These users have the same responsibilities as an administrator, but are also capable of renaming users and adjusting member ranks. They are also to step in should any admin be misusing their abilities.
  • Founder - The founder is the creator of this wiki (and games) who oversees everything. They have the final say on matters, should a dispute not reach a conclusion.

List of current staff members

Name Founder Bureaucrat Administrator Wiki Support Game Staff In Discord Server Activity
Alex95 (talk - contributions) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Active
Ampera (talk - contributions) Yes Shows when needed
Tacopill (talk - contributions) Yes Yes Shows when needed