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List of Skills in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

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Below is a list of all the skills that can be learned by characters and bosses alike in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. A large number of the skills used in this game were provided by the RPG Maker VX Ace engine, and as such, there are many skills in the database that go unused, which explains the "gap" between numbered skills used in the game. For example, there is Heal and Heal III, but no "Heal II". Additionally, every character and enemy knows the basic Attack command. There are a total of 62 skills in the game.

Skill Name Characters that can learn/know the skill
Armor Break Stephan, Doppel Stephan, Chester
Berserker's Roar Hamilton, Doppel Hamilton
Blind Swid, Crystal Dragon
Blizzard II Mysterious Man, Blue Mage (second fight)
Burst Bombot, Fuse
Chakra Jennifer, Doppel Jennifer
Confuse Jennifer, Doppel Jennifer, Hypnock, GrandHypnock, Hunter
Confusion Song Alien, Exitilus
Cover Hamilton, Doppel Hamilton
Darkness Danger
Dark Cloud Danger, Exitilus
Double Attack Stephan, Doppel Stephan, Queen Ant, Hunter
Fairy's Breath Helen, Doppel Helen
Fire Fire Magician, Lava Creature
Fire Breath Blazing Soul, Xenu, Dragon, Skragon, Ruby Dragon, Danger, Exitilus, Red Mage (second fight)
Fire II Blazing Soul, Red Mage (first fight), Ruby Dragon
Flame II Mysterious Man, Roque, Freezeflame, Danger, Red Mage (first fight)
Heal Helen, Doppel Helen, Hypnock, Worm
Heal III GrandHypnock, Gold Knight, Hunter, Exitilus
Ice Ice Magician, Yeti
Ice Breath Xenu, Sapphire Dragon, Exitilus, Blue Mage (second fight)
Ice II Blue Mage (first fight), Snowmaniac, Freezeflame, Sapphire Dragon
Life Drain Mysterious Man, Xenu, Leech, Mummy, Bat
Magic Burst Jennifer, Hamilton, Helen
Mana Barrier Helen, Doppel Helen
Nuclear Fuse
Paralyze Bee, Queen Bee
Paralyze Breath Xenu, Exitilus, Green Mage (second fight)
Petrify Roque, Gobem, Hunter, Exitilus
Pierce Mysterious Man, Guard, Gold Knight, Knight
Poison Emerald Dragon
Poison Cloud Swid, Xenu, Tarantula, Latridow, Emerald Dragon, Exitilus
Possess Girit, Butler, Exitilus
Pounding Blow Stephan, Hamilton
Provoke Jennifer, Hamilton, Doppel Jennifer, Doppel Hamilton
Quake Gobem, Burrow
Raise II Helen
Recovery II Helen, Doppel Helen, Mysterious Man
Restrengthen Hamilton, Doppel Hamilton
Shade Hunter
Shout Loudmouth
Sleep Pearl Dragon
Sleep Breath Mysterious Man, Pearl Dragon, Exitilus
Slow Move Spider, Latridow
Special Shield Stephan, Jennifer, Helen
Spirit's Blessing Helen, Doppel Helen
Stone Mole, Diamond Dragon, Hunter
Strong Attack Stephan, Doppel Stephan, Thief, Mysterious Man
Super Guard Hamilton, Doppel Hamilton
Tackle Jennifer, Doppel Jennifer
Thief's Luck Blide
Thousand Arrows Stephan, Jennifer, Helen
Thunder Loudmouth
Thunder II Eleel
Tornado Dotwood, Skragon, Green Mage (second fight)
Triple Attack Stephan, Mysterious Man, Exitilus
Ultimate Slash Stephan, Jennifer, Hamilton, Gold Knight
Water Eel
Wave Eleel
Weapon Break Stephan, Doppel Stephan
Whip-Lash Helen
Wind Wind Magician, Green Mage (first fight)
Vanish Girit