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As with every website, the Power Master Wiki has rules. Failure to follow them will result in warnings or a block. Administrators hold the right to take any action necessary should something violate these rules.

General rules

  • Be nice to everyone! - Pretend everyone is your friend. You may not get along with everyone, but swearing at or insulting them isn't going to solve anything. Keep things civil. Pestering someone into revealing certain personal information is also rude; if they don't want to reveal something, leave them alone.
  • Format articles correctly! - Before saving your edit, be sure to preview it by clicking the "Show preview" button next to the "Save page" button. Everyone makes mistakes, but be sure to practice in a sandbox or personal page, or ask for help, if you really need it. And be sure to look over the editing help page for more information.
  • Categorize correctly! - Pages and files need to have accurate categories. See Power Master Wiki:Categories for more information.
  • Do not edit war! - Edit warring is when someone reverts your edit, and then you revert it back. If you think your edit should remain, talk to the user who reverted your edit. The content on articles should not be constantly changing.
  • Listen to the admins! - If things go too far, an admin will step in. If they tell you to do something, listen to them. If you don't, remember they are the ones that can block you! The proverbial line of what is acceptable and what isn't is up to them, with the founder having the absolute final say if need be.
  • Don't spam or vandalize! - Pretty common rule on websites. Anything that is deemed detrimental to the page or wiki as a whole will be undone and you will be punished.
  • Use an acceptable name! - Usernames should not include profanity, url links, or political clout, or made for the intent of impersonation. Anyone with a username that violates these will be blocked and will be asked to create a new account with a more acceptable name. A string of numbers and/or letters is not exactly unacceptable, but should be kept an eye on should it be a spam account unless proven otherwise.
  • Don't add false or fan information! - Don't go adding information you came up with. You can add fan stories or whatever on your userpage, but anything like that should stay out of the main articles, where official information belongs.
    • A forum extension is planned for stuff like this, however, and you can also post on the Discord.
  • Don't add anything NSFW! - Children can view this site, don't add anything suggestive, including pornography and intense swearing. Controversial themes should also be avoided on talk pages, as those have no place here and do more harm than good.
  • Use common sense! - If you think something is wrong and could cause a problem, it probably is and probably will.
  • Do not block evade! - If it is found you created a new account to evade your current block, the new account will be blocked and the block length of the original account will be increased to the next step up (see the Blocking section). Editing anonymously while your account is blocked will also count as block evasion and the IP will be blocked as well. If you think you were blocked unfairly, see the appealing bans section.
  • Do not remove warnings and other talk page content! - Talk pages are meant to be a historical archive, you are not allowed to remove contributions to your talk page, including warnings. Vandalism, spam, flaming, etc. can be removed if you wish. If you feel a warning on your talk page only doesn't belong, see the appealing warnings section.
    • Similarly, handing out undeserved warnings is a warnable offense itself.

If you have any questions, ask an administrator or an experienced editor, either on their talk page or you can ask in the Discord server.


If you find someone is in violation of a rule, you can place the warning template on their talk page with an explanation as to what is wrong. The warning should only be placed if they will not listen to a general reminder first. Keep in mind being new to editing wikis doesn't mean someone deserves a warning; if they make mistakes and can't quite get something down, they're more in need of help than a stern talking to.


Warnings should be handed out in these steps:

  • General reminder: Unless they've done something majorly wrong, any minor infractions they didn't correct themselves should just be a heads-up message. If what they've done majorly conflicts with the rules, issue a warning or contact an admin.
  • Warning template (User accounts only, not used for IPs): If they don't listen to the general reminder, a warning can be issued. A warning can be issued rather than a reminder if the offense was not minor. If the user is a vandal or spammer, contact an admin instead.
  • Admin notify: If a user continues after a warning, or the user is a vandal/spammer, contact an admin either on their talk page or through the admin noticeboard.

A reminder/warning can be given for each kind of issue (for example, a user can be warned for removing all links from a page and can be warned for taunting other users, etc.). They should not receive multiple warnings for the same issue. If they continue causing too many different problems, that's what's known as a problem user and should be dealt with accordingly.

Appealing warnings

If you feel a warning you received is undeserved, you can talk to the user who issued it and see if you can resolve the problem. If they won't overturn it, but you still feel like the warning is undeserved, contact an admin. If the admins agree the warning is deserved, it is.

Warnings should not be outright removed. A user can overturn their own warning that they issued to someone (not a warning they received) by placing overturn=yes in the template if they no longer stand by it, but cannot overturn another person's warning. Only a member of the Power Master Wiki staff team can overturn a warning given by another person. You cannot warn an admin. Continuing to violate these will result in a warning of your own.


A blocked user is someone who just couldn't follow the rules, even if they got warnings. Oh well, they probably knew better and chose to ignore the rules anyway. The length of their block, however, depends on their actions. Admins can choose how long an editor can be blocked for, but the times listed below are a good standard to follow.

  • A first block can be between one to two weeks, depending on the severity of the actions.
  • A second block can last between one to six months, depending on the severity of the actions.
  • A third block is the "three strikes, you're out!" deal; the account will be blocked indefinitely. Users who sign up just to cause trouble are instead blocked indefinitely on their first offense.

The admin noticeboard can also be used to report users that admins need to block. IP addresses should not be blocked indefinitely, at most one year.

Blocking rules

Failure to follow these rules could result in loss of admin privileges.

  • Don't block someone just because you know them as a problem from elsewhere or as a joke.
  • Don't block another admin. They still hold their rank, they can unblock themselves.
  • Don't block someone just to settle a dispute and/or just because they disagree with you.
  • Don't delete pages for fun.
  • Don't protect pages to keep your own revision the same. Page protection should only be done in the case of excessive vandalism or if the page is important.
  • If someone is banned from the Discord server, Patreon page, YouTube account, or et cetera, but not the wiki, the user can still edit. This applies to other Power Master media sites as well; if someone is blocked on the wiki, they should not be immediately banned from the Discord server, for example. Only block where they are causing trouble, unless there is a major issue involved within the community as a whole.

Appealing blocks

If you feel your block was undeserved, enter the Discord server listed on the sidebar to the left (unless you are banned from there as well). Creating a new account just to appeal your block counts as block evading, and the relevant rules will apply there. Instead, contact the admin team in the Discord server or on their talk page as an anonymous user and post your appeal there (posting an appeal when not signed in, and only an appeal, is acceptable). Alternatively, you can contact an admin through email if they have one set to their account.