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Have a question about the Power Master Wiki or the Power Master series? If it's been asked enough times before, you'll likely find it here. If it's not here, you can always ask on the talk page.

The questions listed here are those frequently asked (or at least expected to be frequent questions) to the creator of the series and wiki, Alex95 (talk - contributions). The answers are written as if it were his response, and he chooses which new questions to add, if any.

Game questions

Q: What is Power Master?
A: Kind of a broad question. The series as a whole is whatever I make of it. The first game, Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, revolves around a group of young heroes as they try to collect Gems before the main bad guy, Exitilus. But there's so much other content packed into the game, and I want this exploration to continue in future titles.

Q: Is your entire game series going to be a massive overlaying plot line?
A: They will definitely intertwine and be connected to one another. Though I have a lot of games planned, so it may not be apparent how one leads into another at first. For example, Power Master 2 comes before Power Master 1 and explains some of the events taking place beforehand.

Q: Will there be non-RPG Power Master titles in the future (such as a sports title)?
A: I have some ideas, so very likely yes.

Q: Where can I download the Power Master games?
A: At the moment, Power Master games are only available through my Itch.io page.

Q: Will Power Master come to gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4? How about Steam and smartphones?
A: It's definitely a possibility! It's been my dream to get my own games onto a Nintendo system since I was a kid. Steam and smartphones have been giving me issues, so I'm honestly not sure on those yet.

Q: What inspired Power Master?
A: Plenty of things. Mainly other video games and a want to express myself. And boredom. Plenty of boredom.

Q: Will you include (insert social diversity character here) character in your games?
A: Who I choose to include in my games is purely up to me. Please understand.

Q: Will there be crossover characters, i.e. characters from other games being included in Power Master?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you make everything yourself?
A: At the moment, yes. Well, most everything. In Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, I do all the sprites and eventing, and have a music program create music for me. Everything else is provided by the system. One day I'll get a team of people.

Q: Can I join the development team?
A: Shoot me a message of some kind and maybe we can work something out!

Q: Will you ever make something different than Power Master?
A: Maybe. Getting through Power Master ideas first.

Q: Can I use a Power Master character in a game I'm making? How about fanart?
A: The characters are mine, and as long as you attribute them to me properly, I'm totally fine with it. I only ask you let me see the finished product once it's done! If it's for something you expect to get paid for, please contact me privately in some way for more information. I will not allow them to be used for NSFW or agenda pushing purposes, free or otherwise.

Wiki questions

Q: How do I edit?
A: Click the "edit" button at the top of a page or section and submit what you think needs added or changing! Be sure to read the rules and check out the editing help! While it is recommended you create an account so your contributions are assigned to you and not a string of numbers that can be used by anyone, it is not required.

Q: Is this wiki official?
A: It's run by me, the creator of the games this wiki is based on, so yes.

Q: What made you want to move off of Wikia/Gamepedia hosts?
A: Wikia's poor management and overall lack of control over my wiki.

Q: Why a wiki?
A: I have so many ideas for the series that a wiki is the only thing big enough to keep track of it all accurately. And a wiki seems like a good way for others to help keep my ideas straight.

Q: Will there be some connectivity between the wiki and the games?
A: Apparently, this is possible. I haven't looked into it myself, but maybe in the future.

Q: Can I be an admin?
A: Edit for a while, build up relations, and I'll let you know if I need help.

Q: I got blocked, what do I do?!
A: You probably did something bad. See Power Master Wiki:Rules for more information.

Q: What makes this wiki different from others?
A: Unlike most wikis, which are built up by the fans of a series, this wiki is run by the game's creator. I am heavily involved in both, but I may end up putting information on the wiki that has yet to actually be used in a game ^^;

Q: Why do you have your own article? Why not just your userpage?
A: It's valid, every staff member gets their own article. My brother has one, too.

Q: Is this wiki affiliated with other wikis?
A: Please see Power Master Wiki:Affiliates.

Q: What can I have on my userpage?
A: Anything you want, so long as it fits within the rules. Just don't focus too much on it. Subpages, such as sandboxes or user templates, need to be beneficial to the wiki. If it's something that is just used on your main userpage, just put it on your userpage. If it's something that has nothing to do with the Power Master Wiki, it probably shouldn't be made.

Other questions

Q: Your game sucks.
A: Well, that's not a question.

Q: You banned me on another wiki, can I be unbanned?
A: Probably not.

Q: You suck!
A: Still not a question.

Q: Where can I go to get updates on Power Master games, the wiki, etc.?
A: I have links to everything Power Master-related at Template:Media Header.

Q: Can I offer praise/criticism/advice for the games/wiki?
A: Of course! I like hearing what others think, as long as they actually provide something more worthwhile than just "this sucks."

Q: Will you ever have a forum?
A: Probably.