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This article is under construction. Please refrain from editing it unless you are the user(s) working on it.
This article is currently under construction by Alex95 (talkcontribslogsblock log).

Have a question about the Power Master Wiki or the Power Master series? If it's been asked enough times before, you'll likely find it here. If it's not here, you can always ask on the talk page.

The questions listed here are those frequently asked (or at least asked before) to the creator of the series and wiki, Alex95 (talkcontribslogsblock log). The answers are written as if it were his response, and he chooses which new questions to add, if any.

Game related questions

Q: What is Power Master?
A: Kind of a broad question. The series as a whole is whatever I make of it. The first game, Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, revolves around a group of young heroes as they try to collect Gems before the main bad guy, Exitilus. But there's so much other content packed into the game, and I want this exploration to continue in future titles.

Q: Is your entire game series going to be a massive overlaying plot line?
A: They will definitely intertwine and be connected to one another. Though I have a lot of games planned, so it may not be apparent how one leads into another at first. For example, Power Master 2 comes before Power Master 1 and explains some of the events taking place beforehand.

Q: Will there be non-RPG Power Master titles in the future?
A: I have some ideas, so very likely yes.

Q: Will you include (insert social diversity character here) character in your games?
A: I've been asked to include LGBT, black, and suicidal/depressed (yes, seriously) characters into my games. No offense to the LGBT community, but I just can't bring myself to include a character like that. Dakota is a black character, so that answers that question. Who I choose to include in my games is purely up to me, unless I reach out and specifically ask otherwise. Please understand.

Q: Will there be crossover characters, i.e. characters from other games being included in Power Master?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I join the development team?
A: Shoot me a message of some kind and maybe we can work something out!