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Power Master 2: The Legend

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This article is about an upcoming game.
Please do not add false or speculative information to the article and please site your sources.
Additionally, once the game is released, this article may need reorganizing.
Power Master 2: The Legend
PM2 Logo.png
Game Information
Release date(s) Postponed[1]
Program(s) used RPG Maker MV[2]
Language(s) None
Genre(s) None
Controller(s) None
Download link(s) None
Rating(s) None

Power Master 2: The Legend (shortened to either Power Master 2, The Legend, or PM2) is an upcoming game in the Power Master series, announced on November 22nd, 2016, though has been confirmed on the original site since 2014. It was originally being developed alongside Power Master: A Strange Journey MV and was set for a late 2017 release, though the creator has stated that he's focusing more on Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, postponing Power Master 2: The Legend.[1] The game is set a thousand years before the events of A Strange Journey, showing the start of Exitilus's rise to power. The player takes control of either Kyle or Merlina and the story will change based on who the player chose. A character named Marvin is also included to "help the story along."[2]

A later post by Alexander Bodine showed several swords, a few axes, and a number of scripts that will be in the game, or are at least being tested for the game. Of the weapons, some returning ones are Iron Sword, Fire Sword, and Silver Axe, along with some new ones such as Platinum Sword, Attack Slayer, and Stephan's Blade. Of them, only Stephan's Blade's info is shown, which also confirmed a use of Counter Attacks.[2]

Of the scripts, the slippery tiles found in areas like Lora Grotto return as well as various expansions to the message, saving, controller configuration systems are added. Most of the scripts provided are from the Yanfly Engine database.[2] Both Power Master 1 MV and Power Master 2 will be available to download through Steam at launch as well.[3] Additionally, enemies will now appear in and move around the fields, allowing players to easily find the enemies they want to fight or avoid them entirely.[2]


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