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New.png This article is about a subject in an upcoming game.
Please do not add false or speculative information to the article and please site your sources. Additionally, once the game is released, this article may need reorganizing.
Artwork of Madilynn for Power Master: A Strange Journey MV
Character Information
Relatives Alex (older brother)
Geoff (older brother)
Affiliation Good
Appearances PMMV
Biographical Information
Date of birth
Place of birth
Date of death
Place of death
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Pink
Age None

Madilynn is a major character first appearing in the Power Master 1R Story, and will be a playable character in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV. She is the young princess of the Land of Galero, and is currently looking for her brothers that went missing during a diplomatic mission. She joins with the player in hopes of finding more information.[1]

Madilynn is based on Alexander Bodine's sister, and is the first of his in-game family members to appear.

Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

Madilynn is first made playable in the 0.2.0 update of Power Master: A Strange Journey MV. She is found in Tora, appearing once the player reaches the end of the path between town and Tora Tree. She asks for the player's assistance to find her brothers, which they can either confirm or deny. Confirming will allow the player to recruit her.

Character information

Madilynn has a personal class, Princess of Galero, which gives her high Energy, Offense, Power, and Agility, average Resistance and Luck, and low Health and Defense. Madilynn has her own personal lance, shield, and armor, and can equip lances and shields.